What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file composed of letters and numbers that a website visited by the user sends to the user’s terminal (computer, mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet) where it is stored and then retransmitted to that website on a subsequent visit to the website.

Thanks to the use of cookies, the Website www.thesmartlead.com (the “Website”) is able to identify users accessing the Website in order to improve the browsing experience of the identified user. In order to prevent cookies from being stored on his terminal and browser, a user must disable them.

Cookies used by the Website

Cookies are distinguished from each other, first of all, according to who installs them on the user’s terminal. Cookies can, in fact, be installed by the same operator of the website that the user is visiting (so-called “first-party cookies”) or by a different website, which installs cookies through the first website (so-called “third-party cookies”).

Cookies are also distinguished according to their purpose. In particular, the Website uses:

In any case, through your browser settings, you can configure your cookie settings by clicking on the links below [if you do not know the type and version of browser you are using, click on “Help” in the browser window at the top, from which you can access all the necessary information]:









In addition, you can disable the installation of cookies at any time. In the tables below, you will find the list and information about cookies installed through the Website.

Below is a list of the cookies that we use. We have tried to ensure this is complete and up to date, but if you think that we have missed a cookie or there is any discrepancy, please let us know.

We use the following technical/ 

functionality cookies:

Description of Cookie Purpose
These cookies do not collect any Personal Data. Enabling functionality cookies may be necessary to access the full content of website material. To keep track of whether or not a user has consented to have other types of cookies placed on their computer (or other device) and, if the user has consented, to note when consent was obtained.

We use the following analytical/performance/statistical cookies:

Description of Cookie Purpose
These cookies analyse site statistics and how users browse the websites. These enable us to measure the number of visitors to the website, as well as to measure and analyze how users interact with the website. This information is used to improve our website and the products or services offered.

We use the following  

profiling and marketing cookies:

Description of Cookie Purpose
These cookies allow us to manage and optimize our digital marketing (e.g. banner ads, pages offering our products and services, email campaigns, etc.) These might be used to build a user profile to provide users with content more relevant to their interests.

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